Implementing Autogentic Relaxation Training

Posted by Tyler Bradstreet, Hello All, Provided below is an abbreviated transcript on how to use autogenics with your clients. Autogenic training is a relaxation technique created by German psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz and first published in 1932. Simply speaking, … Continue reading

Mindful Breathing: Learning to be in The Moment

Posted by Tyler Bradstreet The goal of Mindful Breathing is to: (a) calm you down somewhat, make you aware of thoughts that may be unpleasant or self-defeating, which you can explore and “cognitively restructure” later, (b) take some of your … Continue reading

Stress: The Monkey on Your Back and Ways to Shake Him Off

Posted by Tyler Bradstreet Whether you’re an athlete or a coach, the daily grind that is competitive sports can be stressful. The vast amount of time spent and effort expended regarding your specific sport is tough enough on its own, … Continue reading

Not Every Practice Makes Perfect: The Need for Deliberate Practice

Posted by Tyler Bradstreet Practice makes perfect – this means that the more you practice, the better you will become. If you want to become great, then you should practice as much as possible. “See how fast you are getting … Continue reading

Under-Recovery and Over-Training: Awareness for Coaches and Athletes

Posted by Tyler Bradstreet The terms under-recovery and over-training are used quite frequently by coaches and athletes. These terms seem simple – the athlete has not fully recovered (under-recovery) and/or the athlete has excessively trained (over-training). However it is more … Continue reading

Alternative Careers in Sport Psychology: Performing Arts

Posted by Tyler Bradstreet Hello friends, A few weeks ago, Adam and I wrote an article for a European Sport and Exercise Psychology blog regarding working with overweight individuals and promoting behavior change as an alternative career path for people … Continue reading