Mindful Breathing: Learning to be in The Moment

Posted by Tyler Bradstreet The goal of Mindful Breathing is to: (a) calm you down somewhat, make you aware of thoughts that may be unpleasant or self-defeating, which you can explore and “cognitively restructure” later, (b) take some of your … Continue reading

Excellent post about Mindfulness…

Life With No Limits

One concept I teach athletes in Mindfulness Skills Training is the concept of developing a “Teflon Mind.” “Teflon is a nickname given to persons, particularly in politics, to whom criticism does not seem to stick.” (Wikipedia) Having a Teflon Mindset can be especially helpful when dealing with tough race conditions. Today, the California International Marathon faced grueling winds, down pours, flooded streets, and cold temps and I could not help but think of how these conditions would make any sensible athlete (if one exists) decide to stay indoors. However, I know for a select few runners who raced and faced these conditions today have cultivated their Teflon Mindset. They increased their ability to successfully finish, stay their pace, listen to their body, control self-talk and reactions, and face conditions with fierceness and mental toughness.


Okay so what is Teflon? Well according to Wikipedia: “PTFE aka Teflon is used as a non-stick coating for…

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